Practice Areas

Civil Practice: Personal Injury and Real Estate

When you suffer an injury because someone was negligent, you have the right under the law to sue that person for damages. Personal injury law is a specific area of the law that helps hold people accountable for actions that result in injuries due to negligent behavior. At The Law Office of Joshua Werner, we are committed to helping victims recover the compensation due them because of negligent behavior.


Criminal Defense

The Law Office of Joshua D. Werner is a general practice law firm that offers legal counsel to clients facing criminal charges. With offices in South Easton, Massachusetts, the firm represents clients in the Boston area, as well statewide. Attorney Joshua D. Werner is the founder and principle attorney in the firm. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and skill to protect your rights if you have been charged with a criminal offense.


Criminal Defense : OUI

In Massachusetts, a DUI is categorized as operating under the influence (OUI), and even a first offense can trigger severe penalties. It can cost hundreds of dollars. And if a child is in the car or the BAC is exceptionally high, penalties increase. Generally, a first offender will face one-year probation, license suspension from 45 to 90 days and enrolling in a mandated drug and alcohol education program.


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